Simple & Powerful

Run Your Business Better Today

T2 package is a simple and powerful tablet base point of sale system

Simple & Powerful

Simplify your operations without sacrificing speed. Create orders, apply discounts, manage inventory, create a customer database, and view reports in just a few taps.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Stay connected and manage your business from the office, at home, or even while on vacation! All your data is always available real-time.

Rich Analytics and Insights

Drive higher sales and reduce costs by understanding your business better. Get insights on sales trends, top-selling products, customer spend and much more.

24/7 Support

Never miss a beat with our industry leading 24/7 phone support. A real person is always available to answer your questions at no additional cost.

Safety & Security

Your customers' data is protected by the latest authentication and encryption technology. perfect fit for all your pos needs



Speed up customers check out when you scan items in register mode. Save time adding items directly to inventory by scanning existing barcodes. Print labels in different sizes using any printer.

Do you have this color in my size?

Always know what's in inventory by using multiple variations such as size,color and style. you can create Hundreds of combinations in just a few steps. Set price,cost and quantity for each variation.

Can I return this?

Accept returns with ease.Issue a partial refund or store credit.Link store credits directly to customer accounts so you can look it up if the receipt is lost

Business Features


Manage multiple locations across a single system

Inventory Management

Create item variations, add ons,exclusions,and discounts

Employee Managment

Manage employee timesheets,clock in, set access and permissions

Order and Payments

Accept multiple payment forms,split checks,apply tips,accept signature

Reporting and Insights

Automatically track revenues,sales by product and employee, and taxes

Customer Management

Create customer profiles,view past sales and order histories

Cash Drawer Management

Manage multiple cash drawers,track no sales,payouts,drop and pay-ins

Remote Support

Account set up, training,and ongoing 24/7 online and phone support

Inventory Alerts

Set up thresholds to notify your staff when inventory levels are low

Purchase Orders

Automatically create and send POs to vendors when inventory is low

Stock Take

Perform an inventory check using the T2 app or dashboard

Inventory Log

Automatically track and report on inventory changes per product