Retail Business

Retail is one of the most innovative industries and as a retailer, it's always crucial for you to deliver the best customer experience, whether it's about offering the right product and price or having a simple and fast checkout. T360 is there to help you at every stage of the customer's shopping journey.


Whether you are selling in your store, online, or both, T360 makes you ready to accept payments from customers in any way and anywhere so you can provide a faster checkout experience. We deliver technology solutions that enhance the shopping experience wherever it takes place.

Operational Excellence

The retail marketplace demands innovation and adaptability, though retailers often overlook the importance of handheld devices that improve sales and operational productivity. We empower retailers with sleek mobile computers that are capable of inventory management, Item management, labeling, and much more.

Food & Beverages (Restaurant)

Whether you are running a coffee shop, restaurant, food truck, or online catering business, your customers want to be able to order and receive food quickly. Deliver a hassle-free ordering and payment experience with T360 technology solutions that allow you to keep your inventory right, your customers to order with ease, and also pay swiftly with their preferred way of payment.


You improve the quality of our life, and we improve the quality of your patient’s payment experience. T360 helps you better serve your patients by taking care of your payment related worries. With our payment processing solutions, you can seamlessly accept all payment types while keeping your patient’s information safe.

Professional Services

Every business has a unique set of needs, be in a law or accounting firm, hair salon, charities, non-profit, and so on. The one thing that's important for all is the speed and efficiency of payment processing so you can enjoy a healthy cash flow. T360 helps you to receive funds timely from your customers through all payment types whether on-the-go, online, or in-person.


As a wholesaler, you have a flexible payment arrangement with your clients. T360 understands your unique requirements and offers customized technology solutions that help your customers order with ease and pay with peace.